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Traffic Tickets

Contact Blatnik Law, LLC to discuss assistance with your traffic ticket(s) for Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada.

Often (but not always), Blatnik Law, LLC is able to obtain a reduction to civil infraction without points or traffic school.

Did you know simply paying your fine results in points?  Yes it does!  

As of June 2020, Nevada assesses the following points for violations:

Reckless Driving 8  

Careless Driving 6

Failure to give information or render aid at the scene of an accident 6

Following too closely 4

Passing a school buss when signals are flashing 4

Hand-held cellular phone use (2nd or subsequent offense)  4 

Disobeying traffic signal  4

Impeding Traffic, driving too slowly 2

Failure to Dim Headlights 2 

Speeding 1-10 mph over limit  1 

Speeding 11-20 mph over limit 2

Speeding 21-30 mph over limit 3

Speeding 31-40 mph over limit 4

Speeding 41 mph or more over limit 5

Prima Facie speed violation or driving too fast for the conditions  2 

In Nevada, 12 or more points in any 12 month period results in an automatic driver's license suspension.  

Contact Blatnik Law, LLC to discuss your Las Vegas, Nevada traffic tickets issues BEFORE it is to late!

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