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Blatnik Law, LLC prepares wills, trusts, and estate planning documents tailored to your specific needs.  Please call for a consultation.

Has an employee of former employee submitted an EEOC Claim?  Please don't go at it alone.  Retain an experienced attorney to prepare your Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Respondent Position Statement.  

Have you experienced workplace harassment or discrimination?  Blatnik Law, LLC may assist you.

Blatnik Law, LLC handles business and civil litigation matters professionally and effectively to assist you to get back to running your business.  

If your neighbor complaining about your beloved pet?  Has Animal Control cited you?  Please contact our office to assist you with your legal needs regarding your beloved pet(s).

Blatnik Law, LLC possesses skills and experience with civil litigation matters.

Blatnik Law, LLC assists personal injury clients in both defending against personal injury claims and pursuing compensation for their own injuries.  

Blatnik Law, LLC assists families with prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, estate planning, parenting plans, mediated settlement agreement, and dissolutions.  

The current economy and pandemic has injured many families financially.  With unemployment and medical expenses, many people are unable to pay their bills and living expenses.  Contact Blatnik Law, LLC to discuss if bankruptcy protection could assist you! 

Blatnik Law, LLC has argued before the Nevada State Supreme Court regarding association matters and has multiple  publications regarding HOAs.  Blatnik Law, LLC offers experienced and professional assistance in HOA matters.    

As both a lawyer and Realtor, Attorney Kelley Blatnik possesses extensive experience to assist you with your real estate legal needs.

Blatnik Law, LLC has experience representing clients for the traffic tickets and has assisted in avoiding points and traffic school.

Blatnik Law, LLC assist homeowners enforce their contractual rights with contractors and sub-contractors as well as represents contractors and sub-contractors regarding their rights when a construction dispute arises.



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