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Personal Injury

Sued due to a purported personal injury?  Contact Blatnik Law, LLC to assist with your defense.

Injured?  Contact Blatnik Law, LLC to assist with recovering compensation for your injuries.

Why does Blatnik Law, LLC represent both sides?  Technically, Blatnik Law, LLC does not represent both sides in the same litigation, but possesses experience both defending and prosecuting personal injury cases.  This means that Attorney Kelley Blatnik (former insurance defense attorney) understands how insurance carriers assess claims, decide whether to settle, and what payments to make.  This understanding benefits injured parties as Blatnik Law, LLC is well able to appropriately assess client damages.  Blatnik Law, LLC's experience also assists defendants to accurately assess whether to settle or litigate.  By participating in both plaintiff and defense litigation, Blatnik Law, LLC  is not viewed by jurors as one of those plaintiffs firms that sues frivolously and for excessive amounts, nor is Blatnik Law, LLC viewed as an evil insurance defense firm seeking never to pay an injured party.  Experience on both sides greatly benefits Blatnik Law, LLC's clients due to the increased understanding of litigation process.  If you have questions regarding personal injury issues, please call (702) 996-1123 to schedule a consultation.  

Did you know personal injury matters are subject to statutes of limitation?  This means that if you wait too long to sue, you could lose your right to sue.  

In Nevada, personal injury actions need to be filed no greater than two (2) years from the date of the injury.  [See, NRS 11.190]   Medical malpractice suits must be filed the earlier of two (2) years after the discovery of the malpractice or four (4) years after the malpractice act.  [See, NRS 11.207 and NRS 41A.097]

Don't delay your case!  Contact Blatnik Law, LLC to discuss your personal injury legal needs. 

(702) 996-1123 

If you were injured on business premises, the elements you must prove are: (1) Defendant is the owner of the premises (2) You had permission to be at the premises (3) a dangerous condition existed (4) Defendant caused, knew, or should have known of the dangerous condition and (5) the dangerous condition caused your injury.  [See, Foster v. Costco Wholesale Corp., 291 P. 3d 150 (Nev. 2012).]

If you are a business owner being sued for an injury on your premises, contact Blatnik Law, LLC to discuss your defenses including but not limited to the reasonable steps you took to assure the safety of your business premises.  

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