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Family Law

Blatnik Law, LLC assists clients with their family law needs including but not limited to pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, parenting plans, paternity matters, and divorces.  

Please contact Blatnik Law, LLC to discuss your family law needs!

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Alimony:  In Nevada NRS 125.150(9) lists alimony award determination factors.  Factors for determination of alimony in Las Vegas, Nevada include: The financial condition of each spouse, nature and value of the respective property of each spouse, contribution of each spouse to any property held by the spouses pursuant to NRS 123.030, duration of the marriage, income, earning capacity, age and health of each spouse, standard of living during the marriage, career before the marriage of the spouse who would receive the alimony, existence of specialized education or training or the level of marketable skills attained by each spouse during the marriage, contribution of either spouse as homemaker, award of property granted by the court in the divorce, other than child support and alimony, to the spouse who would receive the alimony, and physical and mental condition of each party as it relates to the financial condition, health and ability to work of that spouse.  These factors are "in addition to any other factors that court considers relevant."  See, NRS 125.150(9).  

What does all that mean?  It means Nevada judges have BROAD discretion in awarding alimony and family law litigants benefit greatly from competent counsel in assisting them to obtain the best possible outcome for them in their family law matter.  

Child Support:  The Nevada child support guideline calculator, which is supported by the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS), is available if you click here.

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