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Animal/Pet Law

You love your pets and they love you.  Unfortunately, sometimes neighbors complain of barking dogs or some other purported annoyance from a pet and Animal Control may be called.  If Animal Control contacts you regarding your pets, don't go at it alone!  Call an experienced attorney to help you and your pet.  Contact Blatnik Law, LLC to discuss your pet legal needs!  (702) 996-1123

Have you made arrangements should you predecease your precious fur-baby?  If not, consider making arrangements to assure your fur-baby is cared for in the lifestyle wot which your fur-baby has become accustomed to should you cross the rainbow bridge before your fur-baby.

Has Animal Control contacted you regarding a pet issue?  If so, please contact our office to assist you with your response.  

Typically, Animal Control issues include, but are not limited to:  too many pets, lack of proof of vaccination, failure to microchip, failure to register, failure to neuter/spay, and noise issues.  Contrary to what you may feel, Animal Control is there to assure the safety and well being of your pets and that the pets may live with the humans in a safe and humane manner.  The County and city rules regarding microchipping, vaccination, and limitations upon number of pets helps assure that pets and humans safely and humanely co-exist.  Contact my office to discuss tips for the on-inspection and application for permits so you and your fur-babies may live happily and peacefully together!

Call Blatnik Law, LLC to schedule a consultation!  (702) 996-1123

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